What is the Minimini International Division?


The international division of Minimini is helpful to the foreigners.

We are working hard to help foreigners from room searching to moving-in to moving-out and try to remove their uneasiness and worries.

  • Uneasiness and worries about language.
  • Uneasiness and worries about the living environment.
  • Uneasiness and worries about the moving-in procedure.
  •  Uneasiness and worries when residing.
  • Uneasiness and worries at the time of moving out.

The Minimini International Division has staff from China, South Korea, and Taiwan. Support in Chinese, Korean, and English is available. Of course, Japanese is also available. Find a room ~ check in life ~we will help you feel at ease check out.

The Minimini International Division provides support and support for international students and foreigners working in Japan, starting with finding a room. In partnership with each university and vocational school, we have earned the high trust of international students.

We perform various kinds of support services for the foreign students.

1.Consultation meeting for the foreign students in Japan

Support the foreigners living in Japan, we will participate in various events and provide consultations on finding a room. Many customers always come to consult.

2.We are engaged in job hunting support activities for international students.

On-the-job status will affect the audit results when renting a house. We provide employment support that is indispensable for living with comfortable life.


We obtained the approval of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology to use the Japanese studying-abroad image logo

We have also obtained the approval of Japan National Tourist Association to use the image Logo “Japan Endless Discovery”

The image logo of “JAFSA” is used with the approval of the International Council for Educational Exchange .
Minimini is a supporting member of JAFSA.