To the person in charge of studying abroad


It is safe to accept a large number of international students

Even if many international students come to Japan at the entrance ceremony or when studying abroad starts, and you need a cohesive room for international students, the Minimini International Affairs Division will take care of it.

The timing of arrival, the search for a room, the necessary steps required for it, etc., all together with different specialized steps, go to Minimini. Experienced foreign staff are also assigned to each region of the Kanto region, so the burden on the person in charge will be greatly reduced.

Please contact us for dormitories, exclusive condominiums, and other requests.

There are some cases where it is more difficult to find a room than usual, such as when to move in and necessary documents, but if you use a dormitory or a student condominium, you will be able to receive study abroad students every year smoothly. If you have any other problems, please feel free to contact us.

Every year, the Minimini International Affairs Division, which is looking for a room for study abroad students, will give you advice that you have a problem with. Please feel free to contact us first.