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Foreign customers are also minimini! There is a reason to be chosen!

Minimini is a Japanese company that has more than 150,000 rental housing contracts (250 directly managed stores) annually in Japan. In recent years, the number of foreigners living in Japan has increased, and the demand for rental contracts for foreigners has also increased.

However, moving from a foreign country has many difficulties unique to foreigners, such as Japanese customs and rental contract procedures, as well as language and legal barriers, and many intermediaries are not accustomed to handling them.

In order to solve such a problem, Minimini has a minimini international section as a contact point for foreigners to find a room, and foreigners such as staff who can speak foreigners and foreign languages ​​are assigned mainly to the Kanto area where there are many foreigners. We have a system in place to guide you to rental housing smoothly.

Benefits of renting a room in a minimini

Assign foreign staff to stores in each Kanto region

In particular, in the Kanto area centered on Tokyo, where there are many foreign residents, we have assigned foreign staff to our stores. Since the staff works at the store, we can provide detailed information on the area.

Moving costs are beneficial!

Minimini has plans that offer a great deal on initial costs so that you can move more easily. We support everyone who is preparing for a new life at a time when it costs a lot other than moving.

Please see here for the initial cost and the mini-mini plan.

No guarantor required

A guarantor that is required in most cases when renting a room in Japan. Normally, when renting a room, parents and siblings are set up, but it is difficult for families living outside Japan to become a guarantor because it is difficult to prepare the prescribed documents.

Minimini has a large number of properties that do not require a guarantor by contracting with a guarantor. We can inform you about the contracts of guarantee companies and those that are easy for foreigners to contract.