I have summarized the frequently asked questions

We use the Q & A method to introduce you to any questions you may have when looking for a room in Japan. Please check this page first and then contact us.

Re: Looking for Rental Space(s)

I would like to know the business hours of minimini.
The business hours of minimini are 10:00am~6:00pm.
I would like to find a room, But I have just come to Japan, and I can not speak Japanese. Are there any employees who can speak foreign languages in Minimini?
There are employees who can speak English, Chinese, and Korean in the international division of Minimini.
Please call us or send us a mail anyway.
May I get some housing information?
Since there is a housing request form on the top page of Minimini international division's homepage, please fill in the form and transmit it, and then we will send the housing information to you by E-mail.
Is it possible to preview the rooms?
It is possible to preview the rooms chosen by the employees of Minimini(if there are any rooms you like).

Re: At the time of contract

How much will the initial cost be when I sign the contract.
It depends on the property. But, in general…
Rent in advance (house rent at a daily rate), deposit or security money, key money, interior construction fees, agent commission and fire insurance, etc. are necessary.
What documents do I need when I sign my contract.
Although it depends on property, documents such as the lease contract, your Residence Card(or your Certificate of Alien Registration), your Certificate of Residence and your guarantor's Seal Certification are generally required.
What is "The explanation of the important matters" ?
"The explanation of the important matters" means that in order that the prospective tenant well understand the contents of the contract of the rental property a real estate transaction specialist should explain the important items about the contract before making the contract. It is based on Article 35 of Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Act. The real estate transaction specialist is obliged to explain the important matters, to deliver "The explanation of the important matters (article35 in document)", and to certainly show the certificate of real estate transaction specialist.
In this case, there may be a lot of new technical words for the tenants to hear for the first time, if there are anything you do not understand, ask without hesitation.
Are there any restrictions when using the housing.
It depends on the property, generally, the restrictions are as follows:
① To transfer the right of lease or sublease the property or part of the property is not permitted.
② can not live together with person(s) whose name(s) is/are not indicated on the contract of the property.
③ No partial or total reform of the property is allowed for any use.
④ To put up advertising matters, such as a signboard and a poster,on the veranda exteriors or in a common use space such as stairs, passages, etc. is not permitted.
⑤ To carry in or keep prohibited goods or hazardous objects in this property is not allowed.
⑥ To turn on television or audio equipment in a big volume, to play musical instruments and to disturb neighbors' peaceful living is not allowed.
And so on.
Can two people move in?
Yes. Two people can move in by signing a contract for two people. But please be aware that only the person(s) whose name(s) is/are on the contract will be allowed to live in the property. The landlord reserves the right to terminate your contract when the rules are violated.
What should I check when concluding my rental contract?
Let's confirm whether contract terms are correctly written in the contract.
Since the details of the contract are written in "the Explanation of Important Matters", please comprehend them thoroughly. Please make contract after checking properly, especially, about the rules when you move out, such as the method of deposit settlement of accounts, your obligation of restoration of rental space to its original state, the special agreement matters, and so on.
Please tell me how to pay the house rent.
Depending on the property, generally there are the following methods.
① Automatic transfer (It needs 1 to 2 months to do the automatic transfer procedure.)
② Transfer the money to the account designated by the management company or the landlord. (The transfer commission should be paid by the tenant.)
③ Hand over the rent to the landlord in person.
Please confirm when you sign the contract.
When can I get the key?
(After you paid the contract money,) You can get the key on the day of the beginning of the contract. When you receive the key, you will be asked to sign and put your seal on the "Receipt for Key". Don't forget to bring your seal, please.

Re: At the time of moving in

What should I do when terminating or starting the use of electricity, gas, and water service?
It is better to carry out the cancellation procedure of electricity, gas, and water service at least two or three days before moving out. The telephone numbers of the electricity company, the gas company and the water company are written on the bills which arrive every month. Please contact each company. Moreover, please confirm with the staff of Minimini branch office about the telephone numbers of the electricity company, the gas company and the water company of your new home when signing on the contract.
What should I do to get the connection of the Internet?
Please ask the employees of Minimini branch office when you make the contract. We will arrange about it.
What should I do with the address change procedure? Do I have to do the notification of the National Health Insurance, too?
You will need to apply for a "notification of moving out"at the municipality where you used to live, and submit it to your new municipality as part of your "moving-in application. Your new address will be written to the back of your Residence Card on that spot.(The new address will be written to the back of your Certification of Alien Registration during the period which you have not change the Certificate of Alien Registration to the Residence Card.)In addition, when notifying your municipality of the change of address, your address will automatically be changed for National Health Insurance, at once. When you finished the procedure of address correction, you can get a new insurance certificate at the National Health Insurance window at once or by mail afterwards.
How can I get the mails which will be sent to the place where I used to live.
When you move, please get the paper of notice of the change of address at your local post office, fill in required documents, and post them. If you can not go to the post office, please do the procedure on the internet.(JP post
By doing that the mails will be transmitted to your new address for one year free of charge.
What should I do when moving in addition to the above?
If you have a driver's license, please notify the police station which has jurisdiction over your new address. Moreover, if you have a bank account, inform the bank of your new address; if you have a credit card, inform the credit card company; if you have a mobile phone, inform the mobile phone company, please.

Re: While Residing

What should I do if I have lost the key?
Please contact the management company, the real estate company, or the landlord, and have them open the door.
Whom to contact depends on the property. Please confirm when making the contract.
what should I do, if there are something needing repair.
If there are water leaks, damages, and stains in the housing, please notify the landlord or the management company immediately.
How to separate trash and dispose of it?
The method for separating trash, collection stations and pickup days are determined by local area. please check it firmly. Please separate trash, put trash in plastic bags, and dispose of trash to the decided places, at the decided time of the decided days.
May I keep pets?
It depends on your contract, but noise and smell from animals may disturb other people. And if pets are prohibited and you violate the rule, you may be claimed for damages, which may cost you a large amount of money.
When I use the room, what should I be careful about?
The first reason for trouble making with neighbors is noise. Please be careful to keep the noise down from night to early morning. Sounds from televisions, speakers, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, and loud conversation late at night, may be taken as source of noise by your neighbors.
What should I do in order to prevent trouble with neighboring people?
Probably, it will be better not to make a complaint directly by considering human relations and safety.
Don't feel shy to greet the neighbors. When problems occur, it will be better not to make a complaint directly from the point of view of human relations and safety. Let's ask management company or the landlord to settle the problems. Of course, not to trouble the neighbors is also important.
When absent for a month or more, what should I do?
Just for emergencies, please inform the Minimini branch office or the landlord the reason and the period of your absence in advance.
When renewing the contract, what should I do?
Before the contract period terminates, we will send you some documents. Please tell the purport of renewing to us, pay the renewal fee, and follow the procedure according to the letter.
There are some areas having no custom of renewing, and your contract will be continued automatically if you have no intention of removing. Let's confirm that at the time of the contract.

Re: At the time of Vacating

What is "restoration of rental space to its original state"?
At the time of vacating, restoration of rental space to its original state is needed.
It means that the tenant shall be liable to pay for any recovery costs arising from damages to the property due to any reasons attributable to the tenant including damages caused by intention or negligence of tenant or improper use by the tenant.
It is a duty imposed by Ordinance for Prevention of Dispute Involving Rental Property.
What should I do when I want to move out?
Usually, a 1- or 2-months notice to the management company or the landlord is necessary. Please confirm beforehand whether it is a 1-month notice or a 2-month notice.)
You need to pay the rent for one or two months from the cancellation declaration day.
How is the house rent of the last month calculated?
Please pay one month's full house rent even if you are going to live there for less than a month. The house rent and fee for common service of a period which are not filled for one month will be calculated on a daily rate(1 month=30 days), and the deducted balance from the house rent will be repaid later.
How do I write the cancellation notice?
Generally, the management company or the real estate company prepares the appointed paper beforehand.
In Minimini, there is a "Cancellation Notice"in the Lease Agreement.
Please fill in your present address, the housing name, the room number, your name, your new address, your bank account(to which the deposit will be refunded),the convnient time for your presence, and then take the cancellation notice to Minimini branch office or send it by mail.
The day which the cancellation notice reached the Minimini branch office is considered as the cancellation notice day.
What should I do when I move out?
At the time of leaving, since presence is required, please inform the landlord or Minimini branch office of the time that you have moved all the belongings.
Usually, the tenant(contractor), person of the management company, the landlord and person of the cleaning company meet in the room and check whether there are any damages etc. to repair. Since certain amount of money for repair will be calculated on that spot and you have to check the contents of it.
Settlement of accounts and refund of deposit usually take about one week to one month, and then the statement-of-accounts will be sent to your new address. Please ask the emlpoyee of Minimini branch office if there are any questions.
How are settlement of accounts and refund of deposit performed?
The deposit is returned in principle after leaving. However, if the expenses for restoration or the expenses for disposing of the things left in the room occurred, the deposit will be deducted.
You have to pay an extra, if the expenses for restoration etc. exceed the deposit. The refund of the deposit will be transferred to the contractor's bank account. Usually, it takes about one month from the date of leaving to the settlement of accounts.
When should I return the key?
Usually, when vacating the room, return the key to the landlord or the management company or the Minimini branch office.
To whom to return the key differ with housing, please check it at the time of the contract.