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Today we are going to introduce to you an attractive area to live: Kasai, located at Edogawa City, Tokyo. According to a survey on The Best Places to Live in Tokyo Metropolitan Area (Tokyo and 3 surrounding prefectures) conducted by LIFULL Co., Ltd. on the housing and real estate information website Homes, Kasai ranks No. 2 in the 2020 rankings, just behind Ikebukuro. It is a three-place improvement on last year’s position.

[Kasai] is located in the southern part of Edogawa City in Tokyo, and borders Urayasu City and Ichikawa City in Chiba Prefecture, with the Edo River (former Edogawa River) flowing north-south on the east side of the ward. The straight line distance from Kasai station to the border of Chiba prefecture is about 2km. On the other hand, thanks to the geographical characteristics of Tokyo, the city centre is located not in the middle of the entire area but rather in the eastern part, thus it is very easy to access from Kasai to the city centre.

Compared with Tokyo, Kasai area is relatively newer. Streets there are cleaner and more spacious, giving the whole city a sense of openness.
Although it is easy to access the city centre, the rent there is the cheapest in the 23 wards of Tokyo as it is close to Chiba Prefecture.
There are many commercial facilities around Kasai, including supermarkets and large home centres. These stores are renowned for being convenient and cost-efficient.
For shopping malls only, there are many choices like “Shimachu”, “Ito-Yokado” and “AEON”, 24-hour supermarkets like “Seiyu”, “Hanamasa” and “Maruetsu”, small supermarkets like “My Basket”, and wholesale markets as well. You could also find small shops and 100-yen shops there.

In addition, parks are very common in Edogawa City, where Kasai is located. These parks are usually spacious, so you could spend a leisurely afternoon there with your families. Since the local government in Edogawa City has made a great deal of support for raising children, an increasing number of people are moving there for the sake of their children.
Tokyo Metro Tozai Line is the only line to access the city centre, so it’s getting very crowded in the morning rush hour times. Still, when thinking comprehensively, there’s no doubt that it is a popular place for both singles and families.

This time we have known about “Kasai”, an attractive place to live. We will continue to introduce more good places in the Kanto region later.

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